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Taking Care of Your Home During Heavy Rain | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

9/19/2023 (Permalink)

image of a large body of water during a rain storm with ripples caused by the heavy downpour Water damage in your home? Not for long with SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte on the case!

Rain comes in all forms throughout the year, and sometimes we love them and sometimes we hate them. A soft and gentle rain in the late summer can feel refreshing and even be much-needed for our yards. Strong storms with intense rain may not always be as welcomed.

Severe weather can bring rain that comes in intense sheets that can overwhelm our homes and our gutter systems. While our homes do a great job of keeping the majority of moisture out, a single leak or an improperly graded yard can lead to all kinds of trouble.

Our SERVPRO® of Northeast Charlotte understands the tricky nature of rain, so we explain some easy ways to prepare your home to withstand the next rainstorm.

Rain in the Concord Area

We have seen some pretty intense storms so far this year! Were you one of the many thousands that lost power in the early August storm? We know that heavy rain can overwhelm our drainage systems and flood roads, and it can also cause landslides in the outer parts of town if the ground gets too wet too fast.

While we cannot stop the rain from falling down, we can be prepared for it. Stay connected to local authorities and understand the daily forecast so you can start planning as soon as a watch or warning is issued.

How to Stay Safe When the Rain Starts

No matter where you are, heading inside during a storm is always recommended. If you can make it home before the rain starts to fall, do so safely by avoiding flooded roads or low-lying areas. Tidy up your yard and pull outdoor furniture into your garage or tie it down. You should also get all your cars and lawn equipment into the garage if you are able as well.

Inside your home, focus your preparation efforts on the lowest level of your house since that is where water tends to accumulate first. Move any fragile or soft materials from those rooms to higher ground, and turn off electricity down there just in case. After that, just sit tight! Don’t panic if water does start to move into your home. Stay above the water line and get us on the phone right away.

Additional Protective Measures

It can be really frustrating and overwhelming to suffer water and flood damage, especially if you do everything right and it still happens. If you start to notice a pattern when it rains, this can actually help you put a stop to the moisture for good!

For example, if you know that water always leaks through your basement screen door when it rains, you might benefit from property grading in that area. Moving around dirt and earth to help encourage rain to flow in a different direction can make a world of difference for your basement.

Another helpful option is investing in a sump pump. Sump pumps are really efficient at pulling excess water from around your foundation and pumping it back to the surface and away from your home. This can ensure your basement stays dry and damage-free all season!

Remember that we are here for you whenever you are surprised by water or flood damage. Our team will remove the excess water and repair and restore the entire affected area quickly and efficiently.

We are here for all of your water disasters. Contact us day or night for a quick recovery.

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