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Do You Know the Signs of Basement Water Damage? | SERVPRO® of North Central Mecklenburg County

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

Leaking Basements Basement Water Leaks

Do You Know the Signs of Basement Water Damage? | SERVPRO® of North Central Mecklenburg County

A basement is an essential part of many homes. It can serve as a place to store boxes of collections and memories.

It can be a place for the family to huddle when storms are near. It can even be extra living space for an adult child or an in-law who need a temporary place to call home.

However, homeowners typically run into one major problem above all others as it regards basements: water damage. Because basements are dug into the ground, and because appliances such as water heaters are often stored there, a basement becomes a prime place for unaccounted-for water to end up.

It’s not a guarantee that you’ll encounter water damage in the basement, but if your home has one built in, it definitely behooves you to be aware of the risks and acquaint yourself with the common roots and signs of aquatic basement misadventures.

The Top Signs of Water Damage in a Basement

Unpleasant, musky odors. Whether it’s from outdoor moisture or indoor leakage, the water that comes into your basement will find a place to settle, soak and sour, eventually resulting in the smell that’s so often associated with basement life that some people just assume it’s issued with the house. That smell, though, should not be the norm for your underground room. It only occurs when mold and mildew are present in the environment, and your sense of smell is your first clue that you’ve got mold growing, as the odor will manifest even before mold or mildew are visible.

Flaking paint on masonry or walls. If your downstairs haven is painted, a disruption in the paint job could very well signal that you have a water issue. Even so-called waterproof paint won’t hold back a significant enough leak—it’ll just give way later, after more water has accumulated. Yes, if there’s bubbling and flaking, you’ve got water. Unless, that is, you’ve got…

Foundational cracks. Homes have been known to shift over time, but full-blown cracks in the foundation aren’t normal, and they must be acted upon immediately. Cracks can also manifest in the floor, the ceiling or in your walls, as a sign that your foundation has already cracked and the rest of the house is feeling the pressure. Don’t fret over hairline cracks, but if they grow, you need to line up repair options quick.

If you notice any of these signs in your basement, let us take a look. Our expert water restoration technicians can help you determine what is causing these issues and how to treat it properly. Contact us today to learn more.

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