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Understanding the Impact of Wildfires | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

7/2/2024 (Permalink)

tree on fire in middle of forest SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte is Here to Help® after wildfires affect your home or business.

Wildfires are a significant threat to both property and lives, causing immense destruction to natural habitats and communities.

In recent years, the frequency and intensity of wildfires have increased due to various factors, so understanding the potential risks and taking proactive measures is crucial for reducing the likelihood of starting a wildfire.

Best Practices for Mitigating Wildfire Risks

Clearing Vegetation and Debris: One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of starting a wildfire is to maintain defensible space around your property. Clearing dry leaves, dead vegetation, and other flammable materials from your yard can create a buffer zone that helps prevent fires from spreading. Additionally, trimming trees and bushes to keep them at a safe distance from structures can further minimize the risk of ignition.

Proper Disposal of Debris: Improper disposal of yard waste, such as burning debris in open fires, can easily lead to wildfires. Instead, opt for safer methods of disposal, such as composting or using designated green waste collection services. Additionally, never throw cigarette butts or lit matches onto the ground, as they can ignite dry vegetation and start a fire.

Fire-Safe Landscaping: When designing your landscape, choose fire-resistant plants and materials whenever possible. Succulents, rock gardens, and gravel pathways are examples of landscaping features that can help create a fire-safe environment around your home. Additionally, consider installing non-flammable hardscaping materials, such as concrete or stone, for pathways and patios.

Promoting Fire Safety Awareness

Educating the Community: Increasing awareness about the importance of wildfire prevention is essential for reducing the overall risk to communities. Hosting workshops, distributing informational pamphlets, and engaging with local schools can help educate residents about fire safety practices and the role they play in preventing wildfires.

Enforcing Fire Bans and Restrictions: During periods of high fire danger, authorities may implement fire bans or restrictions to reduce the likelihood of accidental ignitions. It’s crucial for residents to adhere to these regulations and take extra precautions to prevent fires. This may include refraining from outdoor burning, using fireworks responsibly, and avoiding activities that could spark a fire.

Preparing an Emergency Plan: Despite our best efforts to prevent wildfires, it’s essential to be prepared for the possibility of a fire-related emergency. Develop a comprehensive evacuation plan for your family and pets, and ensure that everyone knows what to do in the event of a wildfire. Additionally, create a defensible space around your property and maintain it regularly to minimize the risk of fire damage.

Protect Your Community from Wildfires

Reducing the risk of starting a wildfire requires a collective effort from homeowners, communities, and local authorities. By implementing proactive measures such as maintaining defensible space, practicing fire-safe landscaping, and promoting fire safety awareness, we can help protect our communities from the devastating effects of wildfires.

Contact SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte today to learn more about wildfire prevention and emergency restoration services. Together, we can make our neighborhoods safer and more resilient in the face of wildfire threats.

Dealing with fire damage? Call SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte for a quick restoration.

Understanding the Nature of Summer Storms in Charlotte | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

6/17/2024 (Permalink)

lightning strike across stormy purple sky Whether its storm damage cleanup or restoration, SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte is ready to respond in a moments notice to your call.

As the temperatures rise and the humidity settles in, summer storms become a common occurrence in the Charlotte area. These storms bring heavy rain, strong winds, and sometimes even hail, posing a threat to both property and personal safety. Understanding the nature of these storms is the first step in preparing for them effectively.

Charlotte experiences a variety of summer storms, ranging from typical thunderstorms to more severe weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms. Thunderstorms can develop rapidly, bringing sudden downpours and lightning strikes. Hurricanes and tropical storms, although less frequent, can cause significant damage with their high winds and torrential rain.

Preparing Your Home for Summer Storms

Preparing your home for summer storms is essential to minimize damage and ensure your family’s safety. Start by inspecting your property for any vulnerabilities, such as loose shingles, damaged trees, or clogged gutters. Secure loose outdoor items, such as patio furniture and garden decorations, to prevent them from becoming projectiles in strong winds.

It’s also crucial to have a plan in place for power outages. Invest in a generator or ensure you have an adequate supply of flashlights, batteries, and non-perishable food items. Keep important documents, such as insurance policies and identification, in a waterproof container, and consider installing surge protectors to safeguard electronic devices.

Staying Safe During Summer Storms

When a summer storm approaches, prioritize safety above all else. If you hear thunder or see lightning, seek shelter indoors immediately. Avoid taking shelter under trees or near metal objects, as they can attract lightning strikes. If you’re driving when a storm hits, pull over to a safe location and wait until it passes before continuing your journey.

Stay informed about weather conditions by monitoring local news outlets or using weather apps on your smartphone. Sign up for emergency alerts to receive timely notifications about severe weather warnings in your area. By staying informed, you can make informed decisions to protect yourself and your loved ones during summer storms.

Prepare for Summer Storms

Don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare for summer storms. Contact SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte today to learn more about our storm damage restoration services and how we can help you safeguard your home against the elements.

From emergency board-up services to water extraction and mold remediation, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Stay safe this summer by being prepared for whatever Mother Nature may bring.

In need of some storm damage restoration assistance? Contact SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte day or night.

Preparing for a Power Outage During a Summer Thunderstorm | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

6/3/2024 (Permalink)

dark sky with purple lightening bolt shooting across it Stay safe this summer with SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte's thunderstorm safety tips! Be prepared and stay informed to protect your home and family.

Summer thunderstorms can be breathtaking to watch, with their booming thunder and dazzling lightning displays. However, they can also bring a host of problems, including power outages.

While it’s impossible to prevent these outages entirely, being prepared can make a big difference in how you handle them. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a power outage during a summer thunderstorm.

Build an Emergency Kit

One of the first steps in preparing for a power outage is building an emergency kit. This kit should contain essential items to help you and your family stay safe and comfortable during the outage. Some items to include are:

  • Flashlights and batteries: These will provide light when the power is out. Make sure to have several flashlights on hand and enough batteries to last for an extended period.

  • Non-perishable food and water: Stock up on canned goods, dry snacks, and bottled water that won’t spoil during a power outage.

  • First aid kit: Include bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary medications.

  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio: This will allow you to stay informed about the weather and any emergency updates.

  • Blankets and warm clothing: Even in the summer, nights can get chilly, especially if the power outage lasts for an extended period.

Protect Your Electronics

During a thunderstorm, power surges can damage electronic devices. To protect your electronics, consider investing in surge protectors for your home. These devices can absorb excess voltage and prevent it from damaging your appliances, computers, and other electronic devices.

Unplug sensitive electronics during a thunderstorm to further reduce the risk of damage. It’s also a good idea to back up important data on your computer and other electronic devices regularly. Cloud storage or external hard drives can provide a safe backup in case of damage or loss during a power outage.

Create a Family Emergency Plan

Having a family emergency plan in place can help ensure that everyone knows what to do in the event of a power outage. Sit down with your family to discuss:

  • Where to meet: Choose a designated meeting spot in case you get separated during the outage.

  • Emergency contacts: Make a list of emergency phone numbers, including those of family members, neighbors, and utility companies.

  • Safety procedures: Discuss what to do in case of a fire, medical emergency, or other dangerous situations.

By following these tips, you can be better prepared for a power outage during a summer thunderstorm. Remember to build an emergency kit, protect your electronics, and create a family emergency plan. Being prepared can help you stay safe and comfortable until the power is restored.

If you need assistance with storm damage cleanup or restoration services, contact SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte today!

Guidelines for Preparing for Storms With Anxious Children | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

5/15/2024 (Permalink)

family watching lightning storm from inside home with candles due to power outage When the storm has passed, call SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte to help you recover.

The roar of thunder, flashes of lightning and blaring tornado sirens create a chaotic scene. Your dog paces anxiously, while your kids are on edge. Storm situations can be terrifying, especially in our community.

While we can’t control the weather, we can prepare how to react effectively to keep everyone calm and safe, especially our little ones.

Keep reading for tips on how to plan for storms as a family, ensuring everyone remains calm, cool and collected when emergencies strike.

Recognizing the Signs

Cloudy days vs. sunny ones may seem obvious, but knowing when clouds signal danger can be more difficult. Teach your kids to spot rotating clouds, dark or green skies and the sound of thunder and lightning, prompting them to seek shelter immediately.

Familiarize them with the sound of tornado sirens during tests, helping them learn to recognize the sound and its significance. Practice listening for the sirens and time how quickly they can reach the designated safe shelter.

Preparation Is Key

Have you crafted a storm emergency plan with your family? Discuss how and when to reach your safe shelter, and ensure your emergency kit is packed and ready.

Choose the lowest level of your home, ideally a windowless inner room, as your safe haven. Keep the area clear and practice building a fort with heavy objects like tables or desks for added protection.

Involve your kids in assembling the emergency kit, selecting essentials, favorite snacks and shelf-stable water. Personalize flashlights with their names, and add extra batteries, candles, matches and medications.

It’s also a good idea to let your kids choose special games or activities to use during severe weather situations, providing a welcome distraction during power outages or extended shelter periods.

Maintaining Calm

Severe weather can unsettle even adults, let alone children. Reassure them that severe destruction or direct tornado hits are rare occurrences. Most storm damage typically targets roofs, siding and property surroundings.

Keep your kids calm and engaged during weather events, using a light-hearted approach to narrate the unfolding events. Together, you’ll navigate severe weather with confidence and composure.

Storm damage should always be addressed quickly. Contact SERVPRO® day or night for the restoration services you need.

Avoiding Mold and Mildew: Tackling Water Leaks Quickly | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

5/1/2024 (Permalink)

water dripping from ceiling into a large puddle on tile floor Trust our team at SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte to provide comprehensive services for a full recovery for all your water damage restoration needs.

The last thing you need to deal with after a long day of work is an unexpected home disaster. You’ve worked hard enough, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your home on top of everything else!

Unfortunately, home disasters are unpredictable and tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. A busted pipe, an open window during a rainstorm or a faulty appliance can all leave you with a watery mess.

The key to a quick recovery is a quick response! Our team will respond right away to help dry out your home and to tackle your repairs so you can avoid further issues like mold or stinky mildew.

Tracking Down the Source

Water is constantly flowing in and out of our homes, which also means that there is a constant threat of suffering from a water disaster. The moment that water gets where it shouldn’t, it can begin to cause problems. It will start to leak and seep into your floorboards and can easily get behind your walls. Once it settles in, it can be really hard to dry out on your own.

The visible water can easily be cleaned up by a mop or some towels, but the water that has made its way into harder-to-reach areas is not so easily cleaned. This moisture can’t dry out as efficiently, which means it will turn stagnant and will linger for a much longer time period.

Over the course of a couple of days, this lingering moisture will start to impact your home in a variety of ways. It will start to rust metal and swell support beams, and mold can start to take hold after 24–48 hours.

Addressing Odor Issues

Your job isn’t done once the original mess is cleaned up, unfortunately. Pay attention to the way your home smells over the course of the next week. Mold and mildew often emit a musty or earthy smell, which can be pretty identifiable when it gets strong enough.

If you notice this smell starting to get stronger in the room where the disaster occurred, it’s time to get us on the phone. We will arrive quickly and use our specialized equipment to locate the source of the stink, even if it is behind your walls or under your floors. We will filter the air after turning off the HVAC system and by shutting off your vents, and we will use our odor removal equipment to ensure all of the odor particles are removed.

We will work hard to ensure your water damage is repaired and the air is fresh, clean and safe for you to breathe.

Don’t ignore signs of a water leak. Contact SERVPRO® for a full recovery.

Understanding Insurance Claims With SERVPRO | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

4/15/2024 (Permalink)

team of servpro workers unloading a branded work van and entering a business for a commercial job SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte is Here to Help® with your business' disaster recovery!

Disaster situations are confusing enough, aren’t they? The initial panic, the chaos of an unexpected situation and the sheer danger that your family could be in can all add up together to create a really unfortunate situation.

Even more unfortunately, however, is that your experience is not over right when the disaster situation has been handled and controlled. You still will have to navigate your recovery process.

That’s where we come in! We will make sure to facilitate a quick restoration no matter your situation, and we will also handle the more unexpected parts of disaster recovery, like navigating your insurance claim.

Recovering Quickly

It doesn’t matter if your home suffers from fire, flood or storm damage, recovering quickly after the fact is crucial. The longer you wait to call authorities or address the damage, the worse your situation can become. Compounding damage can lead to further issues like structural integrity problems and mold infestations.

Focus first and foremost on keeping your family safe, of course, but we want you to get us on the phone as soon as you have ensured that everyone is accounted for and is uninjured.

We will ask all kinds of questions to help create the most reliable restoration plan and then we will be on our way to you shortly! In the meantime, we will encourage you to do things like shut off water valves or open windows for ventilation. We will also ask that you take some general photos of the damage so we can include those images in your insurance claim.

Leaving the Restoration to Us

You can relax as soon as we pull up your drive. Our team will get right to work to secure your home from further damage like boarding up windows or pulling fragile possessions out of the affected area. While this happens, we will also get to work on your insurance claim process by documenting and cataloging as much as we can.

We will create a detailed list of your losses and take our own set of professional photos, noting important damage that your insurance company will want to see. We will compile all of this information and then submit it to your agent so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our team will follow all insurance inspection protocols to help keep your costs as low as possible, and we will also work as hard as we can to save your possessions rather than having them all replaced. We know how precious your belongings can be, and we will do our best to save as much of them as possible.

When a disaster strikes, call us to make your recovery process—insurance claims and all—simple.

Back to the Basics of Flood Damage Prevention | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

4/1/2024 (Permalink)

rain water pooling on a hardwood floor after a storm with a man in work boots walking through it SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte is ready to help in a moments notice after spring showers leak in to your home or business.

We can all find success when we take life back to the basics. Whether you are trying to teach your child his or her math homework, trying to figure out where a recipe went wrong or troubleshooting a leaking appliance, starting from the beginning and working your way out can be immensely helpful.

The basics of life also apply when it comes to disaster preparation and storm preparedness. While we all know that Mother Nature can’t be tamed, we can take certain steps now so we can be prepared for what is to come this season.

Flooding emergencies can be really scary if you aren’t prepared, so we offer some helpful tips to help you stay in control no matter what the year has in store for our community.

Knowing the Flood Zones in Charlotte

Flooding isn’t just reserved for weather phenomena. It can also happen due to manmade disasters like burst water mains or faulty appliances in your home. If your flooding situation is caused by something like this, you might be able to recover a bit faster than if your flooding situation is caused by the weather. That’s because the solutions for manmade issues are usually centered around turning off water valves or disconnecting appliances.

The same can’t be said for flash floods or other weather-related water emergencies because we can’t simply turn off the sky! Any time it rains heavily in our community or if you live in a low-lying neighborhood, flash flooding conditions can be really impactful.

You still need to prepare your home even if your property is not listed as a designated flood zone. Adding extra length to your downspouts can help move water farther away from your foundation or adding extra drainage or a rain garden can help give the runoff a more productive place to collect.

If your property has tree coverage, it is important for you to take a few more preventive steps. Invest in a reliable gutter system to help move the water down and away from your home, but you should also make sure that the gutters have debris covers on them to keep out leaves and other clogging materials.

Preparing Can Prevent

Protecting your home against flooding can have a serious impact when storms come to town. Even if your home does experience some level of flooding or water damage during a particular storm, it can teach you a lot about your property so you can take steps to prevent the situation from happening again.

If your basement always floods when it rains, it may be helpful to look into a professional grading of your yard. This can help slope the earth away from your home so the rain moves away instead of backward into your foundation. You can also take less intensive steps like adding absorbing landscaping materials, such as mulch, around your home.

Taking it back inside your home, you should be checking your windows and doors regularly for signs of wear and tear. Old caulk lines should be replaced, and any sagging issues should be addressed right away. Additionally, have your sump pump inspected annually so you can rest easy knowing that it should work when you need it most.

When in doubt, take your preparations back to the basics so you can provide your home with the protection it needs when dealing with flood emergencies.

Do you have water damage in your home? Contact us at SERVPRO® for fast recovery.

Dealing With the Ick Factor: Sewage Leaks | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

3/20/2024 (Permalink)

sewage water pooling on a kitchen floor after a leak SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte is always ready to respond to your call when biohazard and sewage incidents strike.

What gives you the ick? Dirty kitchen floors? Discovering the container of moldy food previously forgotten about in the back of your fridge? In addition to these personal experiences, we would bet that suffering from a sewage leak would also be somewhere at the top of this list.? 

Having sewage in any part of your home where it shouldn’t be is not only gross, but it is also a really dangerous situation to find yourself in. Thankfully, our team is here to handle your entire cleanup and recovery.  

Responding To The Leak

Sewage backups can happen unexpectedly if your pipes become clogged or blocked in some way. If the waste water can’t flow down your pipes the way it should, it will eventually be forced backwards up the pipe and can wind up in your toilets, sink or even bathtub. Sewage can also leak out of your pipes if you have any holes or wear and tear along the pipe lines.  
No matter how the leak starts, tackling the problem right away should become your top priority. Sewage is considered a toxic substance and you should never handle it without the proper safety gear and training. Sewage can harbor all kinds of dangerous organisms like viruses, bacteria and microbes that can make you sick or worse, they could be deadly.? 

Avoid coming into contact with the contaminated water, but if you are able to reach the water shutoff valve without getting dirty, do that right away to help stop the flow of sewage. Once the situation is partially under control, start opening windows and turn on a few fans to let the fumes escape. Close off the area to keep your family or customers out of harm’s way and then give us a call.? 

Where We Come Into Play  
Dealing with toxic substances can be really dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. This is why a quick call to SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte is always the answer when it comes to biohazard cleanup! Our team is highly trained and we are always equipped with the latest and most secure safety gear.? 

While you wait for our arrival, go ahead and pull out your phone and start taking pictures of the damage right away. Obviously, these images aren’t going to be printed and framed any time soon, but they are necessary for your insurance claim. Your agent will want to see the situation as it happened, so having these pictures will help support your claim.  

Once we arrive at your door, we will focus on locating the reason for the leak and addressing repairs right at the source. We certainly don’t want you to have to go through this again! At the same time, our cleaning crew will get to work on removing the sewage and standing water. We will request that you stay out of the area during this part to save your nose (and your stomachs) from the least pleasant part of this type of recovery.? 

After the space is cleaned and sanitized, we will be able to categorize the damage and we will work towards your reconstruction. Depending on how long the waste water was left to linger on your floors, you could be dealing with significant structural damage. Our team will be sure to rebuild and reconstruct your home with confidence!? 

Sewage leaks should always be cleaned up by professionals. Call SERVPRO and we will take care of you. 

The Best Alert? The Alert That Works for You | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

3/1/2024 (Permalink)

heavy rain pouring down on an outdoor metal roof in a storm Let SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte help you get from April showers to May flowers.

The spring season in the Charlotte area is always an interesting one! It can be warm and dry, mild and rainy, or a combination of everything in between. In addition, we all need to keep an eye out for serious thunderstorms and severe weather.

While we can all glance at the sky when the clouds start to change, it is important to know far in advance when severe storms are in the area. Check out our tips below for some easy ways to stay connected and stay in the know when storms are on the horizon.

Connecting With the Internet

Is your phone in your hand right now? Or is it right next to you near your computer? We are constantly surrounded by electronics, especially our phones, so it should be no secret that the majority of our weather information comes from apps and other online sources. National Wireless Emergency Alerts is an alert system that can be issued automatically to your phone, just be sure that your notifications are turned on. You can (and should) also have an additional weather app that is specific to our location.

However, don’t just download the first weather app you see! Weather apps are created for different reasons, and some of them solely exist to create exaggerated or outlandish forecasts for likes or engagement. Stick with nationally recognized organizations or locally trusted sources. Check out the city of Charlotte’s website to make sure you have the most updated information and local alerts ready to go.

News stations and other weather channels are also great resources when a storm is in the area. Live footage can track as a system works its way across the city and local anchors can give real-time information of the conditions and can offer advice on when to shelter in place.

Other Alerts to Utilize

While having the internet is so helpful when it comes to emergency situations, it is unfortunately not guaranteed to have at any given time. Be sure to have at least one alert system that doesn’t require power in order to work. Once the power goes out, your TV won’t work and your phone and computer batteries will only work until they are drained.

Stay connected without power in a variety of ways! Locate your closest weather siren and walk around your house to listen for it during tests to see if you can hear it from any room in your home.

A helpful investment when it comes to weather alerts is in an NOAA weather radio. Weather radios will work regardless of your power situation as they can often be powered through hand-crank power or by solar power. Weather radios are also portable, which means you can take them with you as you navigate your property or shelter safely in your home.

We hope you have a safe spring weather season, but remember that we are here for you if your home or property suffers from any sort of damage. We will put your space back together again in no time at all.

Serious storms can cause serious property damage. Call SERVPRO® 247 for immediate restoration assistance.

Tackling Business Damage After a Disaster | SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte

2/15/2024 (Permalink)

business man in office talking to female SERVPRO rep SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte is here for your business every step of the way, from ERPs to disaster recovery.

Even though you hopefully don’t dwell on the potential for disasters every day, the chance is unfortunately always there. A simple water leak, serious fire or disastrous flood could leave you with extensive damage and a lot of questions.

Thankfully, SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte is here to make sure your business recovers and reopens quickly no matter what! Read on to learn how our talented team will be there for you from start to finish.

Preparing for the Worst

While we don’t want the potential of a disaster to consume our thoughts, it is important to have a plan. If your team knows what to do before, during and after a disaster situation, you can stay in control and respond as an organized unit instead of devolving into chaos.

Communication is key when it comes to disaster responses, so focus on making sure your employees are connected with each other and that there is a strong chain of command. Your staff needs to know who is in charge of what ahead of a potential disaster.

In addition, they should all be familiar with where your emergency exits are located and how to access water shut-off valves and fire extinguishers. While your custodial staff may have these responsibilities handled, it is important for everyone to have a basic understanding of your building just in case.

Once the disaster has occurred and you have surveyed your building, it is important to keep your staff in good spirits and help everyone figure out where to go in the aftermath. Set up a remote work strategy or have a backup location in mind that your team can go to for the foreseeable future.

Recovering With SERVPRO®

Now that your team is secure and everyone is safe, it’s time to turn your attention to your recovery. Without the proper support and recovery plan, it can be really easy to experience long-term or even permanent closures. Call SERVPRO right away so we can get started on your restoration.

Our professional team will take over your space as soon as we get there so you can focus on your staff and your customers. People are naturally curious, and your customers are going to want to know what happened and when you plan on getting back open! The more communication and clear explanations, the better.

Depending on the specific situation, you may even be able to continue working in your building while we are restoring and repairing. You might just need to scale back for a while or adjust how you do things in the meantime. We will work with you where you are at to ensure everyone is successful under your roof.

The best way to avoid serious damage is to prepare ahead of time, but we are always here to help if your situation gets out of control or happens really unexpectedly. Call SERVPRO of Northeast Charlotte for a quick and reliable restoration, and you can expect to be back open like new in no time at all.

Has your business experienced a disaster, or do you want help building an emergency plan? Contact us to find everything you need.